Tourism Returning to Israel?

After many month of sadness, grief, and incertitude, we have just received the following message. It gives us a new hope for the future! We pray that it may become true, so tat we may meet you all soon in the Holy Land!

Israeli authorities have begun early planning toward the resumption of incoming tourism to Israel by Mid December 2020.
The information we can share with you today is a bright point of hope following eight months of severe travel restriction. Please remember that these points reflect only the early planning stages, and future travel easing will have to be approved by the appropriate authorities before full implementation is announced.

  1. Together with the opening of Israeli hotels on December 15, 2020, the government is considering allowing the entrance of tour groups from “green nations.”
  2. Groups (of no more than 30 participants) have to be pre-authorized by the Ministry of Immigration and Health Ministry.
  3. All group members must carry a valid Health Insurance Policy that includes Coronavirus treatment.
  4. All group members must carry proof of a negative PCR test result.
  5. Each group will be assigned their dedicated Guide and Driver who will stay with the group full time from arrival to departure. The Guide and Driver will be PCR tested before the group’s arrival, and will not return to their homes until the group’s departure.
  6. During the tour, the group will remain in a “capsule mode” during site seeing and shopping, while using only their designated bus and assigned seating area in the dining halls or restaurants.
  7. Pre-approval information that will be submitted to the Israeli authorities will include: Travelers’ information, Foreign Agent’s information, Israeli Agent’s information, and contact person per group, proof of Health Insurance, Detailed itinerary, including hotels and site visits and Names of dedicated Guide and Driver.
    Again, these are GOOD NEWS indeed, and we will continue to update you as the new rules firm up and as specific guidelines are finalized. Please do not hesitate to call our office with any questions you might have as we are standing by to assist you to make plans for your future groups to Israel.

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  1. Shalom. Are those information above changed ? Can we visit Holy Land ?

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