Summertime is a great time

If you have already come to the Holy Land, you did it probably between October and May. Yes, most of the groups and individual pilgrims and tourists come here in this period. The main reason is the weather. If you come from Europe or from the North America, your visit to Israel and Palestine during the winter will be a nice change – from grey winter mood and frost to sunshine and pleasant temperaatures.

Well, it is true. However you can find yourself covered with snow even in Jerusalem and Bethlehem!

Many people say: “I am not planning to come to the Holy Land in the summer, because it is too hot there”. That is why June, July, and August are the low season here. But if you decide to plan you pilgrimage for the summer months, you will soon realize, that it is not at all a bad idea!

First of all, the temperatures are not really higher than in Greece, Italy, or Spain. In fact, you feel better here, because of lower humidity. Especially the holy cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, that are located on relatively high altitude (approx. 850 m / 2780 ft above the sea level). This location offers you hot days and fresh and cool evenings and nights.

Another factor is the number of pilgrims. If you come here in summer, you will not be surrounded by crowds. You will not lose your time waiting in long lines to visit the holy places.

Last but not least, our partner hotels offer lower prices for the summer months. So you can get a better price for your group.

Summer is a very convenient period for visiting the Holy Land. Just remember to drink a lot of water, put a hat on your head, and use the sun screen. For the rest, we will take care of you!

We are here!

Dear Friends and Pilgrims,

We have missed you so much – but now it is possible again to visit the Holy Land without restrictions. We have already received several pilgrim groups who arrived from different countries.

The shrines and pilgrim paths fill up with people these last weeks. Young and old, pilgrims and tourists arrive to the Holy Land and enjoy its beauty, spiritual meaning, and rich history.

The current rules for the entry to Israel for non-Israeli citizens on the website of the Ministry of Health of Israel

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