Christian pilgrimages

Inspiration-Tours believe and organize tours for spiritual life and not a fun tours, as we are a team of Holy Land Christians too would arrange meetings with through your tour with the Christians of the Holy Land, the Witnesses; our fathers before 2000 year saw, listened and touched Jesus Christ our Lord, we passed into hard time and we will keep going on with our Good News message that we received from our fathers and will pass to our children in blood and our brother and sisters spirit and humanity.

Wishing to look for the roots of your faith? Have you ever wondered what life might have looked like for Jesus in his own birthplace? Are you looking for an experience of life that will change you forever?

Jesus’ Birthplace in Bethlehem

We invite you, our dear sisters and brothers in Christ, to come visit the Land of Jesus to find that grace filled experience of a lifetime. Here in the land of prophecy and trial, pilgrimage and faith your local brothers and sisters, the Christians of the Holy Land, have survived for over two thousand years, maintaining the Christian presence, traditions and witness to the life of Jesus that can be found in no other place on earth.

We at Inspiration Tours have designed itineraries that bring the Old and New Testament sites to life, providing a memorable experience in faith. As you visit the Garden Tomb, where Jesus was laid to rest, sail on a period reproduction boat that plies the waters of the Sea of Galilee, become renewed in Baptismal vows through the waters of the Jordan River, and refresh marriage vows at Cana, you will become a part of religious history. You will be a pilgrim, joining the ranks of millions of other pilgrims that have visited our birthplace of faith for thousands of years.

We work with all types of groups to design tours of spiritual needs especially for Christians. Our local Christian guides are knowledgeable and trustworthy escorts along with our spiritual leaders, worship in the local Ministries, visits to significant sites across the Holy Lands and all with accommodations at quality hotels. Travel in comfort aboard our air conditioned buses and dine in local restaurants of the highest caliber.

But best of all at Inspiration Tours, you will be able to meet with the local Christian population, the Christians of the Holy Land, whose life over the centuries has been committed to helping millions of pilgrims just like you enjoy and become inspired by their time in the land of Jesus.

The Christians of the Holy Land are waiting to greet you. They are eager to share with you a moment in our spiritual traditions and lives together in faith. They are eager to meet you as one Church and one faith; all as universal members of the Body of Christ.