Holy Land...

Just close your eyes and imagine the place where everything began.
We at Inspiration Tours know, that it is not any destination. It's a dream for every believer no matter the religion or denomitation.
As Christians, we dedicate our work to make this dream to come true for our Sisters and Brothers in Faith.

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Tourism Returning to Israel?

After many month of sadness, grief, and incertitude, we have just received the following message. It gives us a new hope for the future! We pray that it may become true, so tat we may meet you all soon in the Holy Land! Israeli authorities …

Mount Tabor

On the 6th of August the Catholics celebrate the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord. The place of the Transfiguration is traditionally located on the Mount Tabor. The localization of the Transfiguration fluctuated at the beginning of the Byzantine period. Eusebius (d. 340) hesitates …

Empty Tomb

We all suffer because of the global pandemic. All the travels had been cancelled. We have stayed at home. The streets of our cities and villages became empty. The Holy Places were closed for many weeks as well. The Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem and the …