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Most people would say to me, “Are you insane? It isn’t safe there” and yet I respond to such comments with ‘you can get killed walking across the street, can’t you?”

How can one not want to visit the place that birthed all three of the Abrahamic faiths? How can anyone, either religious or not, think that there is not a more important spot on earth than the one where so many of the worlds’ religious struggles have taken place?

There is so much history yet to be discovered on this most sacred of soils. So many stories yet to be told.And the best thing about taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is that you also become part of the story. Yes, you become a part of the history of a region where thousands upon thousands of other pilgrims just like you have arrived here from over the centuries.

Pilgrims like Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Pope John Paul II, and countless movie stars, pop singers, and heads of state just to name a few from recent history.

But besides those, you will trace the footsteps of pilgrims who have come to the Holy Land throughout different time. During the Renaissance, poets such as Lord Byron visited the region and the Middle Ages saw a huge influx of people as well. The Crusades may have been going on in one part of the Holy Land, but pilgrims seeking the land of Jesus came through at other ends of the region not active in the war. Along the way they endured hardship and pain, but with their eyes fixed on the prize of seeing and worshipping in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, they continued on until they arrived at their destinations.

Where else in the world can you make such a claim?

Come to the Holy Land. Join your ancient ancestors in the walk of your life. Come see where it all began, where Jesus walked, preached and spoke his words of peace to all. Come to the Holy Land. There your sisters and brothers in faith wait just for you!

By: Sue Stanton